Event Information


ONEPASS = OnePass Required 

40-Yard Dash presented by Verizon OnePass
Race down the field against your opponents and NFL players on a giant 40-yard long LED wall!

Field Goal Kick presented by SNICKERS OnePass
Test your ability to kick a field goal through NFL uprights.

NFL Training Camp OnePass
Adults and children can experience the sensation of fielding a booming punt launched from an automatic machine.

Touch Pass OnePass
Master one of the most difficult throws for an NFL quarterback by throwing the ball on an arc over a defensive player and into a net.

Gear Up & Go OnePass
Try on NFL equipment and feel what it’s like to get dressed for gameday.


Kickoff Experience Autograph Stage presented by Panini OnePass
Get free autographs from NFL Legends. Schedule pending. 

Bud Light Tavern
Bud Light is an official sponsor of NFL Kickoff and reminds fans that football doesn’t start until you crack open your first Bud Light.

Smirnoff Tavern
Enjoy specialty cocktails from the Official Vodka of the NFL. Smirnoff, for the people.

Look Like A Pro 
Step inside a uniformed body-cast mold bearing the insignia of your favorite NFL team and have a friend snap your photo. 

Pepsi NFL Helmet Photo Opportunity
As you enter NFL Kickoff Experience, take your photo with your NFL team’s oversized helmet. Share your photos through your favorite social channel and OnePass.

NFL Kickoff Photo Frames presented by Invisalign 
Take a picture in the Photo Frames for a unique 

NFL Kickoff Experience Tailgate
Enjoy culinary selections highlighting some of Los Angeles’ best cuisine in a “taste of the town” tailgate.

AFC & NFC Championship Trophies
Stop by and see the AFC Lamar Hunt and NFC George S. Halas Championship Trophies  

Super Bowl Rings
See the collection of all 56 Super Bowl rings up close detail!  

The Vince Lombardi Trophy
Take your photo with the Vince Lombardi Trophy, football’s most prestigious award.

NFL Shop

NFL Shop at Kickoff presented by Visa
Stop by NFL Shop at Kickoff presented by VISA, located on Alamitos Beach across from the main entrance, for the largest assortment of NFL merchandise.

No items found.
What is the schedule of events for 2022 NFL Kickoff presented by Verizon?

The timing for all Kickoff events on Thursday, September 8th at Alamitos Beach in Long Beach are as follows:

  • Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon: Doors open 12pm PT
  • Kickoff Concert presented by Verizon featuring J Balvin: 4pm PT
  • NFL Kickoff Watch Party: 5pm PT

Can’t make it in person? Tune into NBC at 7pm ET to catch J Balvin’s performance before the Rams and Bills kick off the season at 8pm ET.

Is Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon free? 

Yes, Kickoff Experience is free and open to the public on a first come first served basis - except for any purchases you make at NFL Shop or at concessions.

I have tickets to the Rams vs Bills game at SoFi Stadium. Can I attend both?

No. The tickets for Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon and the 2022 NFL Kickoff game at SoFi Stadium are separate events. 

  • Kickoff Experience at Alamitos Beach in Long Beach is a FREE event and opens at 12pm PT, with the NFL Kickoff Watch Party beginning at 5pm PT. 
  • The Rams vs Bills game requires a paid ticket. Click here for more information on tickets to the game at SoFi. Game ticketholders are asked to be in their seats at SoFi Stadium by 5pm PT, so please plan accordingly.
How should I get to Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon?

For fans who choose to drive to Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon, please see the information below on parking at Alamitos Beach in Long Beach.

Parking at Long Beach Convention Center
1.      Parking can be pre purchased online at Directions & Parking | Long Beach Convention Center (longbeachcc.com)
2.      Parking entry will be the Seaside Parking booths, 680 E. Seaside Way, Long Beach, CA. 90802
3.      Parking cost: $15.00

Parking at Pike Garage
1.      Parking can be pre purchased online at https://www.parklb.com/special-events/
2.      Parking entry will be on Shoreline Drive
3.      Parking cost: $26.40

Can I watch the game from home?

Yes! The 2022 NFL Kickoff game will be broadcast live on NBC beginning at 8:20pm ET. Tune in early for the Kickoff Concert presented by Verizon and a special live performance by J Balvin. It all starts September 8th at 7pm ET on NBC.

What is NFL OnePass, and is it required to enter Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon?

Yes, NFL OnePass is required to display your FREE ticket to enter Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon at Alamitos Beach in Long Beach.Download the NFL OnePass app to display your event ticket onsite and to access event information, free-to-play games, and a chance to win prizes! NFL OnePass is required to participate in any interactive games on site. For any questions about the app, please contact OnePass@nfl.com.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

If you do not have a smartphone to access your ticket on site, visit a guest services location outside the entry gates or look for NFL staff in a “TEAMMATE” shirt for assistance.

What NFL players will be signing autographs at the Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon?

The scheduled list of players signing autographs at the Autograph Stage presented by Panini PRIZM will be posted in the NFL OnePass app during Kickoff week. Please note: All player appearances are subject to change without notice.

How many tickets can I register for to attend Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon?

Each fan may register for up to two (2) tickets to attend the event. Attendees 18 years or older must have a General Admission (GA) ticket to enter. If you would like to attend with a larger group, please have someone else from the group register for tickets with their email. Kids under 18 years old do not need a GA ticket to enter if you identified the number of minors attending with you when registering.

I want to register my whole family to attend Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon, but I am only able to select up to two (2) tickets on the site. How do I register for enough tickets for the whole family to attend?

Each fan may register for up to two (2) tickets to attend the event. Attendees 18 years or older must have a General Admission (GA) ticket to enter. Kids under 18 years old do not need a ticket if you identified the number of minors attending with you when registering. If you wish to register more than two attendees over the age of 18, you will need to register any additional tickets beyond those two with a separate email address.

Are there age limits on any of the activities at Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon?

The various passing, running, kicking and receiving games are for fans of all ages after an adult has registered for NFL OnePass (including minors). For any questions about the app, please contact OnePass@nfl.com.

Is there an ADA entrance to Kickoff Experience?

Yes, Kickoff Experience is ADA-compliant. There is an ADA entrance at Entry 2 located on the north end of the event site, just off the bike path.

Can I bring in outside food or beverages?

No outside food and beverage is not permitted. Food and beverage will be available for purchase within the concession area.

Can I bring a lawn chair to the Watch Party?

Yes – lawn chairs and blankets will be permitted in order for fans to watch the game comfortably. There will be a designated area for fans sitting in lawn chairs as well as a standing room only area.

Folding beach, lawn, camping chairs and blankets are permitted.  Fixed chairs, stools, and folding lounge chairs are prohibited.

Will I be able to watch the game at Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon?

Yes! Stick around at Alamitos Beach in Long Beach to enjoy the first matchup of the season with your fellow fans for an NFL Kickoff Watch Party. The game will be shown on screens around the beach beginning at 5pm PT, and fans are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or watch from our standing room only section.

I’m a member of the media, can I enter with media credentials & equipment? 

All media inquiries must be directed to: morgan.dreossi@NFL.com

What can I bring to Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon?

All items are subject to security discretion. For more information on prohibited items at the Kickoff Experience, please click HERE.

What is the plan if the weather is bad?

NFL events are commonly held in inclement weather. Only in the case of extreme weather that threatens public safety will the event potentially be postponed. In the unlikely event that such a situation occurs, information for fans will be available on NFL.com/2022Kickoff, pushed out via the NFL OnePass app and announced over the PA system on-site.

What health & safety protocols will be in place at the NFL Kickoff Experience?

Masks are not required for entry however, in accordance with CDC guidance, masks are recommended for those who are NOT vaccinated (including children under the age of 12) and those with a weakened immune system.

You should continue to wear a mask where required by laws, rules, regulations, or local guidance.

Now that I have completed registration, when will my ticket(s) be available?

You will receive separate notification to access your ticket when available.  This is a General Admission (GA) event ticket for access to the NFL Kickoff Experience presented by Verizon and Concert at Alamitos Beach in Long Beach on Thursday September 8th.  Registering for a ticket does not guarantee entry into the event.  Entry for those who have registered will be managed on a first come first served basis at the event site and access will based on venue capacity as determined local authorities and event security.  Please note this ticket is not valid for the Bills vs. Rams game at SoFi Stadium.

What are the Security Procedures at the 2022 NFL Kickoff?

Security screening in and around the NFL (Kickoff) Experience will be significantly heightened for the 2022 Kickoff Event. Guests and their belongings are subject to search prior to entering the event.  The security screening process includes walk through metal detectors and x-ray machines. All items carried by fans will be carefully inspected and potentially prohibited from entry into the NFL (Kickoff) Experience and Concert Area. 

Consistent with all NFL games, the NFL strongly encourages fans not to bring any type of bag to 2022 NFL Kickoff Events in Long Beach. However, to provide for a safe environment and to expedite fan entry, the NFL limits the size and type of bags that will be allowed into the Kickoff event at Alamitos Beach.

Permissible Bags

  • Bags smaller than 18x16x8 are permitted and are subject to x-ray screening 
  • An exception will be made for medically necessary items after thorough inspection at a gate designated for this purpose       

Prohibited Items at Kickoff Experience (below list is a guide, not all-inclusive)

  • Alcohol
  • Illegal substances
  • Animals (except service animals)
  • Bags larger than 18x16x8                                                         
  • Laser lights and pointers 
  • Banners, signs (any object that obstructs the view of others)
  • Battery operated clothing (socks, jackets etc.)
  • Beach balls or inflatable devices (balloons) 
  • Mace/pepper spray or any aerosol
  • Bottles, cans, thermoses, coolers, aerosol cans, cups, and beverage containers of any kind, unless purchased at an NFL venue or an empty, reusable water bottle
  • Camcorders
  • Motorized scooters, hover boards, skateboards, or any self-propelled devices
  • Clothing, banners, or signs with offensive or obscene languages, images, or gestures
  • Noisemakers, whistles, and horns
  • Drones, Remote Controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or other similar motorized vehicles/devices 
  • Poles, sticks, missile like objects of any kind
  • Promotional items with commercial slogans or identification without the written consent from the NFL
  • Shakers with handles
  • Skateboards 
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Firearms, weapons, knives, electronic stunning devices, replica weapons and explosives
  • Tripods
  • Fireworks, pyrotechnics of any kind
  • Frisbees or throwing objects
  • Umbrellas larger than standard 39”
  • Any other item deemed unsafe or inappropriate by the NFL or City of Long Beach Police Department

Strollers are permitted, but all bags and blankets must be removed and screened by x-ray and will be physically/visually inspected.

Smoking and vaping are not permitted within the perimeter of the Kickoff Experience.

Note: Prohibited items and items determined to be inappropriate for entry into the secure perimeter will be the responsibility of the fan and cannot be accepted, stored, or checked by the NFL or the City of Long Beach Police Department. 

Cameras – Small cameras and binoculars will be permitted. Professional grade camera or cameras with removable lenses more than 6” and recording equipment will only be permitted for credentialed media

Reusable Water Bottles – Fans will be allowed to enter with an empty, reusable water bottle for use at the water stations inside the perimeter.

The cooperation, patience and understanding of fans is greatly appreciated by the National Football League and the City of Long Beach Police Department. 


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2022 – 11:00AM 

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